Restore point: Recover files from previous version on Windows 10

About Restore Point

Restore points work as the backup of Windows local disks’ files. Once you need to reverse the changes you made to some of the files or folders, you can restore them to a previous version. In this way, you can recover deleted files without file recovery software. The only drawback is that you have to create Restore Points regularly so that the recovery would be always possible.

Create a Restore Point

Step 1. Search for “Restore point” with the search function on the taskbar, and click ‘Create a restore point‘. (Or Control Panel > System and Security > System > System protection)

Type Restore Point in Start

Step 2. In the Protection Settings box, select a local drive (not include removable disk) and click Configure…

Open System protection and Turn on Protection

Step 3. Make following changes on the new window: choose Turn on system protection, adjust maximum disk space (6-12% is fine), and click OK. Repeat this step for all the drives you want to create restore points.

Turn on System Protection and set the Usage Limit

Step 4. Click Create… button to create a restore point for all the drives that have system protection turned on.

Step 5. Type a description to help you identify the restore point, and then click Create.

Step 6. Click Close when a window prompts: The restore point was created successfully.

Restore Files from a Previous Version

Don’t get it wrong. This doesn’t mean that you have to restore all files on the drives to the Restore point (even though it is an option). You can recover only the files and folders you need.

Step 1. Open the location of your deleted files or subfolder.

Step 2. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties.

Step 3. On the new window, check available previous versions.

Check Previous Versions

Step 4. Click Open to preview, and Restore to recover.

Step 5. Click Restore on the new window to confirm and proceed.

Step 6. Check the recovered files and subfolders in the original folder.

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Now you should know why the Restore Point is important and how to recover files from previous versions on a Windows 10 computer. Should you have any question, please leave a message in the comment box below.

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