Download Official Windows 10 ISO image using Google Chrome

People try to download Windows 10 ISO images from the websites which are sometimes scam or fake. It is not advised to download OS from such sites as they may add bloatware along with the software. What is the use of trying these spam sites when Microsoft officially allows downloading the ISO images from their website? There is an easy way to download the ISO images directly from the Microsoft secure servers.

The easiest way to download the Offical ISO images is by using the Media Creation tool. Read our tutorial on using the Media Creation tool to download the Official Windows 10 ISO image. If the tool fails to download ISO images of Windows 10, you can still download it using Google Chrome browser.

Preparing Google Chrome

If Google Chrome is not available on your PC, download, and install Google Chrome from the official site here. Once the installation is over, open the browser. You need to install an extension called ‘User Agent Switcher‘. Install the Add-on from the Chrome Webstore (Download Link). Make sure that, you are opening this link in Chrome browser. Click ‘Add to Chrome‘ button. When the extension is added, you will see a User Agent Switcher icon on the top right corner in your browser as shown in the screenshot below.

Add User Agent Switcher to Google Chrome to Download Windows 10 ISO

Switching User Agent

Now open the Windows 10 Official download page (Link). You will not see any link to download the ISO if you opening the link using a Windows PC. There will be two links to update the Windows to the latest version using update assistant and to create installation media using Media Creation tool. We have already written tutorials on using the Update Assistant and using the Media Creation tool to download Windows 10. Read them if you want to use the tools.

If your network is behind a firewall that doesn’t allow internet access to the software, these official tools won’t help you. There is a workaround. The simplest trick is to open the official download link in a Mac computer (Apple laptops). This is possible even without the Mac using the User Agent Switcher Chrome extension. Switch the user agent to Safari by clicking the icon in the top right corner. In the Safari, Select ‘Mac 7 Safari‘ option. This user agent is used to request the webpage from the server. Due to Apple’s privacy policies, the webpage is configured to show the options to download the ISO images, instead of the download tool. It is simply faking the web server that you are accessing the URL from a Mac. Check the screenshot below for details.

Click the User agent icon and select safari to Download Windows 10 ISO

Note: If Safari did not work, try iOS > iPhone or iPad option. It works most of the time.

Downloading Windows 10 ISO Image

Select an edition of Windows and click the confirm button. A new option appears, asking you to select the language. Select the preferred language and click confirm. The Download links to download the Official ISO images are available now. Select either the 32-bit or 64-bit version, which your computer supports. Your download will begin in a moment. The download size will be around 3.5 to 5 GBs depending on the options you choose. Wait for the download to finish. Make sure that the download completes within 24 hours as the links are valid only for 24 hours from the time of creation. Check the following screenshots for reference.

Select the version, language and bit version to Download Windows 10 ISO

Once the download completes, you can write the ISO image to a DVD or a USB flash drive and install Windows 10. If you prefer to install Windows 10 from a USB device, say a pen drive, our tutorial on installing Windows 10 from a Pen Drive may help you. The downloaded ISO image contains both the Windows 10 home and Pro versions. This ISO image can be used to upgrade the OS as well. Check our tutorial on Upgrading the Windows 10. If you want to do a clean installation, read our tutorial on installing Windows 10.

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You have now learned to download the official Windows 10 ISO images. Leave your valuable feedback and suggestions in the comment box below.

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