How to Recover USB Storage devices from Folder Virus


This is the simplest method that I use to delete folder virus and recover USB storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, portable hard disks. This is the worst scenario where you feel like all your valuable data has been lost. Most of you might have faced this issue. when you insert your storage devices in some computers, all the files and folders inside will turn to shortcuts and this is due to the virus called folder virus. The solution is very simple. Follow these steps to get your files back and remove the spyware virus programs from your pen drives and your computers.

Do not delete or click or execute any of the files in your Storage devices, once it is affected with folder virus. It may result in error during the recovery process. These are the simplest steps to delete the folder virus from Pen Drives.
  • Scan your Pen drive with some good Updated antivirus program in a Computer that is virus free. ESET, Kaspersky, Norton are the well known antivirus programs that are capable of removing almost all spyware programs. This will delete the folder virus from your pen-drive. Some antivirus programs can restore the file attributes during this scan itself.
  • If the files are still hidden, you need to apply attributes for the files to bring them back.
  • Get the drive letter of your Pen drive. Open My Computer and find the drive letter of the inserted Pen drive. Say “D“.
  • You can restore the file attributes with windows Command Prompt. Open Command Prompt
    • by searching it in start by typing cmd. Right click Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator
    • or press Windows key + R and type cmd and press enter.
  • In Command Prompt Enter the Drive-Letter and : . In my case it is D: and Press enter. Again Enter the following command
    attrib -s -h /s /d *.* 
  • This will restore the file attributes and will bring your files back. Check the screenshots for more details.
Check The Pictorial Version of this tutorial here
Folder virus file recovery 1
Find the Drive letter
Folders are hidden after removing the folder Virus
Open Command Prompt and type the command given
Recovered files

You have now deleted the folder virus and other spyware programs and recovered your USB storage device. If you think that your files has been deleted permanently from the Pen drive you can use some recovery softwares or raid recovery softwares to get the files back.

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