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Important Taxes in Indian History

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Bharathi Pradeep
Bharathi Pradeep
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There is a List of Important Taxes in Ancient Indian History.

 Tax          Dynasty/Period  Attributes              
BaliVedic PeriodA voluntary gift to a king
AyudhiyMaurya DynastySupply Tax
BhagaMaurya Dynastypart in agricultural production. 
It used to be 6% of the total production
DwarbahirikadeyMaurya DynastyOctroi and Road Tax
GulmMaurya DynastyTax on Military Bases
ManpyajiMaurya DynastyTax on sale of Royal Goods
Nishkramya TaxMaurya DynastyExport Tax
ParidhMaurya DynastyMonopoly Tax
PashmevMaurya DynastySubtax
PindkarMaurya DynastyTax Payable by Villagers as Excise
PratikarMaurya DynastyExcise Tax
Pranay TaxMaurya DynastyEmergency Tax
SenabhaktaMaurya DynastyIt was collected from the subjects at the time of the army campaign.
AupayanikMaurya DynastyA gift is given to the king on special occasions
KoshtheyaMaurya DynastyA tax collected from government reservoirs
ParihinakMaurya DynastyTax to be levied against loss caused by animals on government land
DruvadhikaranMaurya DynastyLand Tax Collector
RajjuMaurya DynastyTax to be charged at the time of measurement of land
SetuMaurya DynastyFruit Tax
HirannyaMaurya DynastyA tax payable in Cash form
DhanyaMaurya DynastyA tax on some special crops
UdrangaMaurya DynastyTax to be charged from the permanent residents of the land
UpariMaurya DynastyTax to be charged from temporary residents of the land
Udaka BhagaMaurya DynastyTax on irrigation
KutakMaurya DynastyHouse tax
BhagGupta DynastyIt used to be 1/6 of the production
BhogGupta DynastyThese Taxes are payable by the villager from time to time.
AdhiaangGupta DynastyTaxes for the Maintenance of Police Chaukis
HiranyaGupta DynastyTax in gold coins
HalivarkaraGupta DynastyTax to be collected from plow farmers
ShulkaGupta DynastyCustoms tax on goods brought into ports by merchants
PaadikabalkuliChola DynastySafety Tax
PeshawarChola DynastyTax levied on the special profession
PathkarChola DynastyInterstate Tax
MarmajjadiChola DynastyTax on tree
KadmaiChola DynastyTax on betel nut cultivation
ManiirayChola DynastyHouse Tax
KidakkashuChola DynastyTax on Animals
PadikavalChola DynastyVillage Safety tax
VashilpramamChola DynastyDwarkar
MaganmaiChola DynastyTax on Goldsmith, Ironsmith, Potter
Klipt or UpkliptChola DynastyPurchase-Sales tax

There is a List of Important Taxes in Medieval Indian History.

KadaivariVijayanagaraTax on Dealers
KaokkolaVijayanagara Tax on Weavers
Sekku KadalaiVijayanagara Tax on Oilseeds
Karthigai KasuVijayanagaraTax on oil traders
Amyris KasuVijayanagara Tax on Salt Traders
Amarin KasuVijayanagara Tax on Fisherman
Tattan PattanVijayanagara Tax on Goldsmith
ViripeediVijayanagara Tax on Hunters
KuskkanamVijayanagaraTax on Potters
Saddam VijayanagaraCash tax
ZakatSultanate PeriodIt was taken from Muslims with 2.5% of their property.
UserSultanate PeriodIt was taken from Muslims.
JizyaSultanate Periodwas taken from non-Muslims.
It was first planted by Muhammad ibn al-Qasim.
KharajSultanate PeriodIt was land tax. it was 1/3 of the yield
Mohammad bin Tughlaq and Alauddin Khilji gave it 50% of the yield
KhumsSultanate PeriodThis was the money obtained from loot, which was deposited in the soldiers’ 4/5 part and 1/5 part in the treasury.
This rule was reversed by Mohammad bin Tughlaq and Alauddin Khilji.
Harsh-e-SharvaSultanate PeriodThe order imposed on irrigation by Firoz Tughlaq was
Its rate was 1/10.Alauddin
UllSultanate PeriodThis tax was used for religious expenses.
HukukSultanate PeriodThe tax is to be collected from landowners.
GhariSultanate PeriodHouse tax
Grazing TaxSultanate PeriodIt was started by Alauddin Khilji.
JaribanaShershahSewage Tax
MahasilanaShershahIts rate ranged from 2.5 to 5%.
UtraiMughal DynastyFerry Pier Tax
Haasil-e-BazarMughal DynastyMarket Tax
Nakkhas Mughal DynastyAnimal Sales Tax
Mir BahrMughal DynastyTax on Ports
DehsariMughal DynastyTax on Per Bigha 
TamgaMughal DynastyJahangir abolished this tax.


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Bharathi Pradeep
Bharathi Pradeep
Editor at Bharathi covers topics on Competitive exams, How To guides, Current exams, Current Affairs, Study Materials, etc. Follow her on social media using the links below.

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