Changing the Boot Logo on MediaTek Smartphones

Here is the simple tutorial to change the boot logo of the Android smartphones powered by MediaTek processors. Changing the boot logo is the simplest modification that all the beginners in the Android Development used to do in the beginning. Boot logo is the first image that you see when your Android smartphone boots. This image is usually the brand name or the logo of the maker of your phone.

If you do not like the factory default boot logo, you can change it as you like. Before proceeding further, I recommend you to read Smart Phone Flash Tool Tutorial. SPFT is the free phone flashing software, specially developed for MediaTek powered smartphones. This tool can be used to change the boot logo if the phone is unrooted. This tool can also be used to flash the entire ROM or just the required partition in the Smartphones powered by MediaTek Processors. If your Android smartphone is rooted, you can change it easily through the custom recoveries like CWM or TWRP.


I do not guarantee you a 100% success in this process and there are chances for bricking your phone. I do not take any responsibility if anything happens to your phone during this modification. If you follow the steps properly, you can change the boot logo without damaging your phone.

Things needed to change the Boot Logo

  • A Windows Computer
  • Logo Builder to edit the boot logo
  • Smart Phone Flash Tool
  • MTK preloader Drivers
  • Your Phone’s stock logo.bin file

Changing boot logo in MediaTek Smart Phones

Before proceeding further, I recommend you to take a complete backup of your phone using the Custom Recovery installed on your phone or using some software like Connect2 for Lenovo and Kies for Samsung smartphones. If your phone does not have the custom recovery you can still backup the apps installed. Check our tutorial on Extracting APKs using ES File Manager.

To change the boot logo, I’m going to use a small tool called Logo Builder. This tool is capable of unpacking and repacking the logo.bin file. Click here to download this tool or visit the developer’s site to read more about the tool. As I have mentioned above, you need the Smart Phone Flash tool, to flash the logo.bin file into your phone. Setting up this tool is much simpler. Download the Smartphone Flash tool and set up all the necessary drivers. For more instructions on using this tool read my Complete guide for using the Smart Phone Flash Tool.

Now you need the logo.bin file from your phone for the modification. If you have the stock firmware of your phone, you can easily get this file from that. If you don’t have a stock firmware, download it from the manufacturer’s website or use the Google Search to download it. Extract the firmware using the tools like Winzip or Winrar. You will see a file named logo.bin inside the extracted ROM. Now copy that logo.bin file to any known location on your computer.

Using Logo Builder Software

Extract the downloaded Logo Builder tool. Open the tool folder and execute the tool by clicking the logobuilder.exe file. Click New Project on the top left side of the tool as shown in the screenshots below. Windows Explorer will open up and asks you to select the Logo.bin file. When you open the logo file, another window pops up asking you to select the Project folder. Select a folder to start unpacking the Logo file. After unpacking the tool shows all the images in the logo.bin file.

Open the logo.bin file in the Boot Logo Builder

Now open the project folder and edit the images as you like. After Modification, click the Make button to start packing the logo.bin file again. This tool creates a logo.bin file and an file as well. Use the Smart Phone Flash Tool, to flash the logo.bin file created by this tool. If your phone is rooted you can copy the to your phone and flash it with the custom recovery installed on your phone. Check the screenshots provided for reference.

Modify the Boot Logo images and repack the logo.bin file
Modify the images and repack the logo.bin file

Your phone has the customized boot logo now. Restart your phone to see the modified boot logo in action.


The file created by this tool may not work on all MediaTek Smartphones. In such case, try to repack the zip file with the update binary that works on your phone.

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