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Chandrayaan-3 Touch Down Point Named Shiv Sakthi on Moon

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Bharathi Pradeep
Bharathi Pradeep
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The moon-landing spot is now ‘Shiv Shakti’


On August 27th, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the location of Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander’s landing would be known as “Shiv Shakti,” and the location of Chandrayaan-2’s lunar footprint would be known as “Tiranga.”

PM Modi addressed the ISRO scientists at the ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru.

Official Website of ISRO Updates

National Space Day

  • August 23, the day the Chandrayaan-3’s lander made a historic soft landing on the Moon will be commemorated as National Space Day.
  • National Space Day will celebrate the spirit of Science, Technology and Innovation, and inspire us for an eternity.
  • India has become the fifth-largest economy in the world and it is now among the first-world countries.

Meaning of the Names

  • In Shiv, there is a resolution for the welfare of humanity and Shakti gives us strength to fulfil those resolutions.
  • This Shiv Shakti point of the moon also gives a sense of connection with the Himalayas to Kanyakumari.
  • The point ‘Tiranga’ will serve as an inspiration for every effort that India makes and remind us that failure is not the end.

Naming Lunar Points

  • Two distinct places on the lunar surface have been given names by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Shiv Shakti’ will be the name of the location where Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander successfully touched down.
  • Tiranga’ will be the name given to the location on the lunar surface where Chandrayaan-2 left its mark.

Significance of Names

  • The name “Shiv Shakti” has symbolic meanings: “Shiv” stands for the resolve to improve humanity, and “Shakti” stands for the power required to carry out those resolutions.
  • These lunar sites were given names to create a sense of continuity between the Himalayas in the north and Kanyakumari in the south of India.
  • Tiranga Point serves as a constant reminder that failures and setbacks should not be viewed as the end of an endeavour.

Progress of the Pragyan Rover

  • The Pragyan rover, a part of the Chandrayaan-3 project, has travelled around 12 meters on the lunar surface.
  • The rover’s movement is intended to take pictures of the Vikram lander that will show off its versatility and capacities.
  • A secure landing, rover mobility, and research on the lunar surface are all mission goals.

Recognition and National Pride

  • According to Prime Minister Modi, India’s scientific and technological ability has been recognized internationally as a result of the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s accomplishment.
  • The mission is viewed as a symbol of India’s courageous and unyielding attitude, which can confront significant world issues and provide solutions.

Empowering Women in Science

The naming of the lunar landing site as ‘Shiv Shakti Point’ serves as evidence of the role of women scientists in Chandrayaan-3.

Addressing the role of women scientists in the Chandrayaan-3 mission, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the integral contributions of women to India’s scientific endeavours. This recognition highlights the nation’s commitment to gender inclusivity and showcases the increasing representation of women in the field of science and technology.

Encouragement of Scientific Research

  • The Chandrarayaan 3’s success will foster young people’s interest in science and advance our understanding of ancient astronomy.
  • He emphasized the need to revisit and confirm the astronomical knowledge contained in the ancient Indian scriptures.
  • Students at all levels of education are seen as having a dual responsibility for promoting research and disseminating discoveries.

Role of ISRO

  • The Prime Minister recognized the crucial role that organizations like the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have played in improving India’s standing in space exploration.
  • He credited agencies like ISRO with helping India go from a fledgling country to a critical participant in the international space community.


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Bharathi Pradeep
Bharathi Pradeep
Editor at Bharathi covers topics on Competitive exams, How To guides, Current exams, Current Affairs, Study Materials, etc. Follow her on social media using the links below.

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