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Indian History Syllabus & Tips for UPSC

Important Topics in the History of India Ancient HistoryPre-Historic TimesIndus Valley CivilizationRig Vedic PeriodLater Vedic PeriodJainismBuddhismMahajanpadasMauryan PeriodPost-Mauryan PeriodGupta PeriodHarshwardhana PeriodSangam Period (South-Indian Dynasties)Medieval HistoryMajor Dynasties of Early Medieval India (Pratiharas, Pallavas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas)Cholas and South-Indian KingdomsEarly Muslim InvasionsThe Delhi SultanateAfghans,...

Indian Economy Syllabus & Tips for UPSC

Important Topics in the Indian Economy Basic Concepts Macroeconomic Concepts Microeconomic Concepts Economic MeasurementsNational Income & Its CalculationEconomic Growth and DevelopmentInflationMoney & BankingMoney Function & ClassificationFinancial Markets & Its InstrumentsBanking Structure in IndiaPublic Finance in IndiaBudgetingFiscal PolicyCentre-state DistributionTax Structure in IndiaPlanningMeaning, Objective &...

Indian Polity Syllabus & Tips for UPSC

Important Indian Polity Topics for UPSC Indian Polity encapsulates the entire constitutional framework and how our political system works. We’ve broken down the Indian Polity topics mentioned in the UPSC notification into smaller sub-topics that will ease your preparation further....

General Science & Environment Syllabus & Tips for UPSC

Important Topics in General Science Science & Technology in IndiaSpaceIT and CommunicationMaterials, Nano Technology and RoboticsDefenceNuclear TechnologyIntellectual Property Rights and their Miscellaneous Issues Physics The Big Bang TheoryQuantum MechanicsFermions and BosonsFour Fundamental Forces of NatureDark MatterNegative MatterHiggs BosonGravitational WavesREE (rare Earth ElementFRP...

Indian Geography Syllabus & Tips for UPSC

Important Topics in Indian Geography General GeographyUniverseEarth Evolution GeomorphologyEarth’s InteriorGeology and Rock SystemGeomorphic ProcessEarthquakes and VolcanismDistribution of Continents and OceansLandforms and their evolutionLandforms across the worldOceanographyHydrosphereSubmarine Relief FeaturesTemperature and SalinityWaves, Oceans, Currents, TidesMarine ResourcesOcean, Deposits and CoralsClimatologyAtmosphereInversion of TemperatureInsolation and Heat...

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