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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Sony Xperia T Battery removal guide – A video tutorial

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Miracle Israel
Miracle Israel
A young Spacemaster graduate student from India who would want to share ideas and information with fellow planet-mate!

Glad to meet you with this post! For all those who are confused how to change the battery from the sealed case of Sony Xperia T, here’s the solution. In this tutorial, I will explain you the procedure you have to follow in order to remove the rear case of the phone safely and replace the battery. Before doing this, I recommend you to troubleshoot your phone with the help of the following tutorial: Sony Xperia T battery charging problem – A simple solution. If this didn’t work, you can proceed further.

Replacing Battery in Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T is one of the best smartphones of the company and it’s one of it’s kind because of it’s gorgeous camera quality and it is a so-called Bond phone. It’s true that it is an exotic model due to it’s sleek and impressive design. But, users of Sony Xperia T experience some battery problems at some point which may be the defect from its manufacturing level. Of course, anything has its own set of disadvantages! I own one of Xperia T as well and to be honest, I’m very much attracted to it despite its problems which are quite not often.

This tutorial is my personal experience a few months ago when the battery stopped recharging and I had to replace the battery. You can easily follow the following steps to cure your phone and have fun! Watch the Video below to replace the battery or else continue reading the text version to replace the battery.

Steps in Replacing Battery

  • Before trying to remove the case of the phone, please have the new battery ready with you.
  • Begin with unscrewing the only tiny screw from the phone which you can find when you open the cover close to where you will insert your SIM card and memory card.
  • Now, begin opening the case from below where it is convenient to use your fingers or nail or any thin but not sharp instrument (preferably the pick of the guitar). Care must be taken not to be too fast so the plastic case doesn’t crack. You may hear a few click sounds when the case releases from the phone.
  • Once the whole case is removed, you will find two copper color cables in the rear of the phone which you have to unplug next.
  • Take adequate care when removing the cables from the slots where they are attached because these two are the critical ones and any damage could be risky.
  • Now that the cables are removed, the battery is released from any fixtures to the phone except the glue that holds it.
  • Take the same thing but not sharp instrument (probably the pick of the guitar) and try to release the battery from the glue along the edges. It may take some time. When doing so, also make sure the cables don’t fall on the way when you pull out the battery.
  • SUCCESS! Congratulations! The battery is released.

What’s next?

  • Now, replace the old defective battery with the new one and reverse the procedure to close the case again.
  • This is quite simple. Isn’t it? Put in the new battery in the same place where you took out the old one. Plug the cables back in its positions.
  • Make sure that the cables are well seated and the connections are perfect before you begin the lock the case.
  • Now, close the rear of the phone with its case and press together. You may hear a few clicks again.
  • Remember to put in the screw in its place.
  • Done! You have done it! Now, push the power button ON. The phone works again!

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You have now learned to change the battery on Sony Xperia T Smartphone. Hope this tutorial has helped you to solve the problem. Share this information with anyone who is perplexed of how to proceed with the faulty phone. Keep following and Supporting!



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Miracle Israel
Miracle Israel
A young Spacemaster graduate student from India who would want to share ideas and information with fellow planet-mate!

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