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Arid Landforms: Erosional and Depositional

Arid Landforms and Cycle of Erosion Arid regions are regions with scanty rainfall. Deserts and Semi-arid regions fall under arid landforms. Erosional Arid Landforms Water Eroded Arid Landforms Rill In hill slope geomorphology, a rill is a narrow and shallow channel cut into soil by the...

Marine Landforms: Erosional and Depositional

Marine Landforms or Coastal Landforms Erosional Landforms: Chasms, Wave-Cut Platform, Sea Cliff, Sea Caves, Sea Arches, Stacks/Skarries/Chimney Rock, Blow Holes or Spouting Horns etc..Depositional Landforms: Beach, Bar, Barrier, Spit and Hook, Tombolos etc..Coastlines: Coastline of Emergence, Coastline of Submergence, Neutral coastline, Compound coastline...

Karst Landforms: Erosional and Depositional

Karst Topography Karst is a landscape which is underlain by limestone which has been eroded by dissolution, producing towers, fissures, sinkholes, etc.It is so named after a province of Yugoslavia on the Adriatic sea coast where such formations are most noticeable.Karst topography...

Glacial Landforms: Erosional and Depositional

About Glacier Glaciers are a mass of ice moving under its own weight. They are commonly found in the snow-fields.We know that the landmass on the earth is not entirely the same as we see around. Some areas are covered by thick green...

Landforms and their Evolution

Landform made by Running Water Landforms and their Evolution NCERT PDF Major Landforms of the Earth NCERT PDF Erosional Landforms GorgeDeep valley with very steep to straight sidesCanyonCharacterised by steep step-like side slopesWider at its top than at its bottom.Potholes and Plunge PoolsMore...

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