How to create a blog on blogger

Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. You can start your blog at the URL, free of cost. There are websites, that allow their users to create free websites in the beginning but later the users will be charged for the service. But blogger is completely free. By applying some custom templates, you can even create a website on blogger. Almost every blogger start their blogging career with Blogger because it is free, easily editable, and comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. If you feel that the options are limited in Blogger, you can move your sites to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Login to blogger dashboard with your Google account and fill in the details to create your blogger profile or simply link your Google+ profile and get started with blogger. A welcome screen appears after Creating your blogger profile as shown in the screenshot below.

Click New Blog

Starting Your First Blog

In the dashboard, Click the New Blog icon on the right side. It will open a pop-up window like this.

Starting a Blog

Fill in the required details like the Blog Title and the URL. You can use the blogger’s free sub-domain for now. Later on, you can change this free sub-domain to a custom domain. Now select the template of your choice. Click ‘create blog‘. When the blog is created, you will be taken to the dashboard similar to the one shown in the screenshot below.

Created Blog

Click on the blog name to start editing your blog. You will be provided with a lot of options on your left side. Start exploring each and every option.  Click the New Post icon, create a post, start blogging.

Your Blog’s Options Panel

The newly created blog with picture window Template will look like this.

Your new Blog

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