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Changing the Boot Logo in MediaTek Smart Phones

Here is the simple tutorial to change the boot logo of the Android smart phones powered by MediaTek processors. Changing the boot logo is the...

Smart Phone Flash Tool (SPFT – latest) Tutorial

Smart Phone Flash Tool (In short SPFT) is the free phone flashing software from MediaTek Inc., capable of flashing Stock ROMs, Custom ROMs or...

How to Install ADB drivers in your computer to connect Android Devices

ADB stands for Android Debugging Bridge. This driver is mandatory to connect the android devices in USB debugging mode. This tutorial illustrates the steps...

Things to keep in mind before starting Android Development

Dumping the source code and building Android Operating System as you wish is called Android Development. Android provides a rich application framework that allows...

How to perfectly start Android Development

What is Android? Android is a mobile operating System based on a Linux Kernel. This is a open source project from Google. Anyone can download...

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