Installing Apps in Nokia 225 and 220


I have seen a lot of people getting trouble in finding and installing apps for their Nokia 225 & 220. To help them I made this beautiful tutorial, explaining everything about the phone. By following this tutorial I bet you that you can install some apps on your phone.

Do you Know about this phone?
Nokia 225 & 220

Few of you know about these phones, but most of you don’t know. Let us discuss about that here. Tired of Scrolling?

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  • Nokia 225 and 220 uses 30+ series Operating system for mobile devices, which is not a Java OS and purely compiled using C and C++. As a result, you cannot install any Java (.jar) apps.
  • Nokia 30+ series is the operating system for mobile devices that Microsoft solely uses for their device.
  • These phones are powered by the chipset MT6250 developed by Mediatek.
  • This Phones use MRE apps and the Default file extension of Nokia series 30+ is .Vxp.
  • Check this image showing 30+ series Opera Mini Browser installed in Nokia 225.
Opera mini Installed in Nokia 225

Kindly note that all apps are not supported in this phone and only few works. After testing many apps, I have found few working apps (including opera mini and some others). Install all these files as normal apps. You can download our collection of MRE apps:

Nokia 220 & 225 MRE Apps Download

Developing MRE Apps

If you know the C language, you can develop some applications for these phones. For the MRE application development, you need to download MRE SDK from here: Download MRE SDK (Working link will be updated soon). Go ahead and start the application development for your phone.

If you have found or developed any working apps that are not in the above list, kindly submit the new apps here: Submit New MRE Apps. The Apps submitted through these links will be updated in the download list with proper credits.

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  • Anmol

    hey ! man you rock I am searching for games for Nokia 225 and didn’t find anyone all sites offer java games ..but your collection of games work I like it man really you are awesome…but I also want Whats app for my Nokia 225….

    • Thanks Anmol for appreciating. We don’t have Watsapp yet. We will update it once we get that and you will be notified. Subscribe to our newsletter for the future updates.

    • Prince Mouli

      Thank You very much brother ( Anmol ) …
      i will find some solution in this summer to install whats app in our phone ( Nokia 225 & 220 ) stay tune for updates …

  • HARI

    You are amazing. I want a very good advanced learners English dictionary and latest UC web browser badly.Please provide it

  • sahar

    Great….Many Many thanks. use for nokia 225


    Your works are great, keep it up!!

    please without whatsapp the phone is stil;l not complete so find a way please
    as soon as you can for us to be able to use whatsapp on the phone.

    thank you one more time for your great works.

    • Thank You for appreciating. Our Author Prince Mouli is trying to build Watsapp for this phone. That will be updated soon.

  • rohit

    pls create uc browser.vxp and whatsapp.vxp for nokia 225, and also tell me how to delete preinstalled app in this phone like twitter, i dont use twitter!

  • rohit

    pla create uc browser and whats app for nokia 225

  • Laura2312

    Thanks a lot. Great work.
    I bet you’re helping lots of people that are disappointed with their phone and have no idea on what to do, exept throwing it away, which would be a real shame for many many reasons (saving, politics, environment, self Worth…)
    Remanzacco (actually, it’s “Selvis”) – Udine – Italy

  • Cristian

    Hi, thanks allot for your tips.
    Actually, I’m trying to develop/port some games on the MRE platform for Nokia 220/225 devices, and so far I have troubles installing the .vxp on my device.
    I’ve heard that in order for the .vxp file to work it needs first to be signed with the Mediatek signing tool, but I can’t find anything about this and I’ve come to a dead end.
    I would really much appreciate if you could help me on this matter.
    Thanks in advance!

    • prince mouli

      Did you properly setup development environment for MRE SDK …???

      and is MRE SDK installed properly…???

      The MRE SDK should sign the app you developed…..

      and may i know what apps you are porting…

      You can Find more Detail at :-

      NOTE:- You must register and sign in to get the SDK.

  • Inonyme

    Hello! I am looking to download the Airbnb app on a nokia 225. Do you think it would be possible ? Thank you !!

  • shreshth vishwakarma

    when does the watsup messenger for nokia 225 will be available………… its a needy

  • kishore

    Fabulous work by you people..Appreciated:)